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Rising Infrared Optics

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Rising bridges the gap between the superior performance of customers' high-precision optics and limited budgets. Notably, we specialize in designing 

and manufacturinga wide range of Thermal Infrared Lenses (Infrared Lenses, including LWIR, MWIR, and SWIR) of 

exceptional quality for a variety of applications worldwide.

50mm manual foucs lens
FL50mm F1.0 LWIR Manual Focus Lens
For Infrared Camera
100mm athermal lens
FL100mm F1.2 LWIR Athermal Lens
For Drone
Cooled Zoom Lens
FL23mm-450mm F4.0 MWIR Cooled Continuous Zoom Lens 
15-150mm continuous zoom lens
15-150mm Continuous Zoom LWIR Lens
For Monitor Camera
Night Vision Monocular
Night Vision Monocular
Similar to The PVS 14 Night Vision Monocular
5x Afocal Lens
5X Afocal Lens
For PVS 7 / PVS14 Night Vision

Rising | Custom Infrared Optics, Infrared Lenses Design & Manufacturer

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We specialized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of thermal infrared lenses 

(IR lenses including LWIR, MWIR and SWIR)

Providing Solutions For A Wide Range Of Applications

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Rising professional R&D team collaborates with our commercial & defense customers and leading detector manufacturers 

to develop and design optimized optics with unparalleled optical performance quality.

Economy is more affordable


Nanjing Rising Opto-Electronic (s) Co., Ltd. is a domestically recognized high-performance infrared optical equipment Solutions leader. The company has professional instrumentation production equipment and an experienced technical research and development team.

The company's main products include infrared lens, laser lens and other instruments and equipment specially manufactured for the medical, life science, national defense and security, semiconductor and industrial O E M markets.

From optical design to material sourcing to mass production, our company is dedicated to optimizing the performance, cost, quality and lead time of your infrared products.


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